Case Studies Webinar Scheduling App


To be eligible to RSVP for one-on-one Case Studies webinar to earn clinical hours and/or needed patient contacts/conditions or assessments, as indicated by your Platinum Planner Report, you must have a signed Final Alternative Rotations Methods plan

If you do not have this yet, please email Jane Dinsmore at programdirector@percomonline.com. You also must be CLEAR by Jerry Dinsmore, Sherri Carson and Tammy Williams to schedule rotations.

This method can only earn you 4 hours of credit and will not allow you to earn SKILLS that would require actually doing the skills on a live patient (i.e. IV therapy, intubation, medication administration, etc.).  Once you RSVP and the RSVP deadline is met, Mrs. Dinsmore will evaluate your Platinum Report and assign what type of topic you will need and fill out a request to schedule those hours through Mrs. Williams inside Platinum.  Once the case is completed, you will need to log into that “rotation” opportunity in Platinum and enter your Patient data, assessment, anything that CAN count (assessment, condition, age, etc.) and submit to Mrs. Williams for approval for the credit.  You will need to email your instructor from the case study, once you have submitted, to request that he/she log into Platinum Planner as preceptor and evaluate your performance.

These sessions will be intense case studies to evaluate your knowledge of the topic, your ability to walk through appropriate assessment of the patient in the case, and potentially developing and defending your treatment plan. The instructor makes the final decision if your performance is adequate to hear the 4 hours of credit and/or credit toward that patient condition/age in Platinum. If it is unsuccessful, you will not complete credit. The instructor will notify the Program Director and the Clinical Coordinator, and the shift will be removed from Platinum Planner.